Saturday, November 3, 2012

Palak Paneer

Serves : 4 people.
2 big bunch of Palak.
150 gms paneer
2 tomatoes
1 small piece ginger.
1 onion
2-3 cloves of garlic
1 tbsp of khus khus
3-4 pcs of Kaju.
1 big tbsp whole dhana
1 tbsp whole jeera
1 green chilly
1/2 garam masala or pav bhaji masala.
2 tbsp ghee
Salt as per taste.
1 tbsp sugar

Clean the Palak and cut off the stem. Take some water in a vessel and heat it. When the water starts to boil, add palak into it and let it boil for 5 mins.
Take a strainer and drain the water. Dispose the water and keep the palak to cool. After it cools churn it in a mixer and keep it aside in a seperate vessel.
Now take khus khus, garlic, kaju,dhana, jeera,chilly,onion(cut in small pieces) along with a little water in a mixer and make a paste out of it.
Boil the tomato till its skin starts becoming loose. Then peel off its skin and put it in a mixer and make gravy out of it.
Cut the paneer into small pieces.
Take a big vessel or kadhai and add 2 tbsp ghee to it. After it starts simmering add the tomato gravy in it. Let it heat for 2-3 mins and then add the Khus khus, kaju,dhana etc paste in it.
Mix it for 2-3 mins.
Add sugar, salt as per taste and also the garam masla or pav bhaji masala. and 1/2 cup of water.
Now add Palak gravy and mix it well and stop the gas 2 mins so as to keep the green colour of the palak intact.
Now add the pieces of Paneer to it!
Your Palak Paneer Vegetable is ready!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Veg. Burger

For 8 Burgers.

8 burger breads
500gms potatoes
3 tbsp corn flour
2 tbsp chilly-ginger paste
handful of coriander (kothmir)
2 cucumber
3 tomatoes
2 big onions
bunch of lettuce leaves
chaat masala
cheese (optional)
1/2 cup grated cabbage
2 cups of milk
1/2 tbsp of black mustard (rai)
Green chutney
Tomato Ketchup
butter or ghee
1/2 tbsp sugar
salt as per taste

Step 1: Boil the potato in pressure cooker. remove it after 4 whistles. Peel off its skin and mash the potato with your hand or with a masher. Add salt, handful of coriander and chilly ginger paste. Mix them properly.

Step 2: Make ball shape pattice out of the mixture prepared in step 1. flatten the balls to get small disk like shape and then roast them 3-4 at a time on a non stick tava adding little oil. As soon as you see that the pattice have been properly roasted remove them and store them separately.

Step 3: To Make White Sauce:
Take 1.5 cup of milk in a vessel and heat it on the gas. Now add cabbage, crushed mustard, pinch of salt, 1/2 tbsp of sugar to it and let it simmer. Take 1/2 cup of milk(normal temperature) in another vessel and add 3 tbsp corn flour to it. Now as the milk on the gas is simmering add this 1/2 cup of milk with corn flour to it.
Mix them well and as it thickens, remove the vessel and store your white sauce in a container and let it cool.

Step 4: Cut the Cucumbers, tomatoes and onions into thin slices.Seperate one one leaf of lettuce.

Step 5: Cut the Burger bread from the middle and roast it on a tava using butter or ghee.
Now on the lower slice of bread apply chutney, tomato ketchup & mustard sauce (if available).
Apply the white sauce and then place the lettuce leaf.
Now place the pattice prepared in step 2.
Above that place the cucumbers, tomatoes and onion.
Now put a pinch of chaat masala.
If you want then place a slice of cheese.
And finally cap it up with the upper plain roasted bread.

Congratulations! You can now attack the Veg. Burger!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Wada Pav

A quick snack, full fledged dinner or just for time pass : Wada Pav fits in the bill everywhere! So here's the way for you to cook it!

To make 10-12 Wadas:

  • 4 big size potatoes
  • 6 cloves of garlic.
  • handful of coriander (kothmir).
  • 3 chillies
  • small piece of ginger
  • Oil for frying
  • 150 gms Chana atta
  • 2 tbsp red chilly powder
  • 2 tbsp dhana jeera
  • 1 tbsp black mustard seeds (rai)
  • 1 tbsp urad dal
  • pinch of asofoetida (hing)
  • Pinch of turmeric (haldi)
  • 6-7 leaves of curry leaves (limda)
  • salt as per taste.

Step 1: Boil the potatoes in a pressure cooker upto around 4 whistles. Remove the potaoes and peel their skin and mash them using a potato masher or your hands.

Step 2: Take garlic,chilly and ginger and put them in a mixer. Add very little water and make paste out of them.

Step 3: Add this mixture along with coriander and salt as per taste to the mashed potatoes as prepared in step 1.

Step 4: Take 2 tbsp oil in a vessel and heat it on the gas. When the oil starts to sizzle, add mustard seed, urad dal, hing,turmeric and limda. As the oil starts to crackle add the mixture of potato and chilly garlic paste as prepared in step 3.

Step 5: Take the mixture prepared in step 4 and make wadas (balls) as per your size.

Step 6: Take Chana atta in a vessel and add red chilly powder and dhana jeera and salt. Slowly add water to this mixture and make a medium paste i.e neither too thin nor too thick.

Step 7: Take some oil in a vessel on the gas for frying. Now dip the wadas prepared in step 5 into the paste prepared in step 6. See that the wadas are covered on all side by the paste. Now slowly and carefully put these balls in the oil. Remove the wadas when they are properly fried (brownish colour).

Note: After frying do not discard the oil. you can use it later on for any purpose.

These Wadas can be had just like that but they will taste better if you put the wada in a Pav. You can put green chutney, garlic chutney & meetha(imli) chutney in the Pav as per your requirement.

Congratulations you have prepared the most famous snack of Mumbai!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mexican Rice Bowl


3 cups of Brown rice or White rice (preferably brown rice)
1 Iceberg lettuce
1 yellow capsicum
1 red capsicum
1 green capsicum
1 big bunch of spring onion
300 gms Rajma
4 big onions (2 for rajma & 2 for Salsa sauce)
1 kg tomatoes
4 green chillies
6 cloves of garlic
bunch of coriander (kothmir)
pinch of soda bicarb
4-5 tbsp red chilly powder
Sour cream (available in shop)
Cheese for garnishing
SALSA SAUCE: please check the recipe.
2 tbsp Vinegar

1. Cook the brown or white rice in the cooker and keep it aside.

2. Cut Iceberg Lettuce, Spring onion, yellow and red capsicum into small pieces and keep them aside

3. For Making Rajma:
Take the rajma and keep them in a vessel with water for 7-8 hrs.(you have to plan this beforehand) then take them in a cooker and add a pinch of soda bicarb to it. Let them cook for 5-6 whistles. Remove the Rajma from the cooker and keep very little water. Take a vessel and put it on the gas. Add a little oil and 2 onions (cut into small pieces) and saute the onion. After that add the rajma in the sauted onions. Add 2 tbsp red chilly powder, 3 tbsp tomato ketchup and keep stirring till the broth thickens. Your rajma is prepared!

4. For Making Salsa Sauce:
Put the tomato, big pieces of 2 onions, 6 cloves of garlic, 4 green chillies in the cooker and let them cook for 3-4 whistles. Drain the water and then mix them in a mixer. No remove this mixture in a vessel and add small cut pieces of green capsicum, corainder, 2-3 tbsp red chilly pwder and 2 tbsp vinegar.
Stir them. You Salsa Sauce is ready!!

5. For Serving:(you have to prepare a seperate bowl for every individual)
Take a big bowl. First take some rice prepared in step 1. Then put Rajma on it as prepared in step 3. Then put the Salsa sauce as prepared in step 4. Then add 2 tbsp of sour cream. Then add the Salad as prepared in step 2. Lastly add cheese on top for Garnishing.

Congratulations your Mexican Rice Bowl is prepared.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Khow Suey - Burmese dish

It is a Burmese dish made of vegetables ,coconut milk and noodles.
The best thing about Khow Suey is that you dont have to make anything else along with it. It is very filling.

Serves: 4 people.

1 packet of Noodles.
8-10 french beans
1 big carrot.
small piece of cauliflower.
handful of green peas.
2 big tomatoes
1 big onion
4 cloves garlic
1 bunch of spring onion
small bunch of coriander( kothmir)
1 tbsp whole dried coriander (dhana)
1 tbsp cumin seeds (jeera)
1 big tbsp on daaliya.
2 green chillies
1 piece of ginger
1.5 cup of coconut milk (available in shops)
1 big spoon of corn flour.
salt as per taste

1.Take a small quantity of noodles and fry them in oil and keep it aside. we will use it for garnishing.
2.Start boiling the water and Then add a spoon of oil in it so that the noodles do not become sticky.
.After the water starts to simmer, add the noodles to the water and let it boil for 15 mins. After 15 mins remove the water from the noodles using a drainer and then transfer the noodles in a vessel containing water at normal temperature.
3. Cut the French beans,carrot and cauliflower in medium pieces. Put them in a vessel along with the green peas and the boil them for 7-8 minutes.(if you boil in microwave then do it for 5 mins)
4. Take the cumin seeds, dried coriander, garlic, chillies and ginger and make a paste of it in the mixture.
5. Take some oil in a vessel, cut the onion into small pieces and add it to the oil in the vessel and saute it till their colour starts turning a little brown. Now add small pieces of tomato to the onion and saute them for another 3-4 minutes. Next add the paste that you have prepared in step 4 to the vessel and saute it for 2 mins. Now take corn flour and mix it with coconut milk and add it to the vessel containing onion,tomato etc. Lastly add 1 cup water to the vessel.
6. When the above mixture in the vessel starts to simmer add noodles of step 2 and vegetables of step 3 in the vessel. Add coriander. Also add salt as per taste. Keep mixing it for 5 mins.

Serve them in Bowls and Garnish them with chopped spring onions and fried noodles!

Enjoy the Burmese delicacy!!    

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dhan Shak & Brown Rice!

This is a Parsi Dish and very nutritious and is very adequate for a whole meal.

Serves 4 people.

For Dhan Shak
3/4 cup of Tur Dal
1/4 cup of Chana Dal
1/4 Cup of Masoor Dal (orange colour)
Fistful of Methi (fenugreek)
Small piece of Pumpkin
2 Brinjals
1 potato
1 onion
6 cloves of garlic
fistful of pudina
3 tomatoes
1/2 tbsp of Ginger Chilly paste

Method:   Step1
1.Take all the ingredients and wash them and cut ingredients like pumpkin, Brinjal, Potato,Onion, Tomatoes into big pieces.
2.Put all the ingredients mentioned in the ingredients section in a vessel with water and put it in a pressure  cooker and remove it after 4-5 whistles.
3.Let it cool and grind it in a mixer.
4.Now purify the mixture using a Chaarni.(throw the waste away)

Ingredients required for Masala to be added in the above prepared Dhan Shaak
1 tbsp Dry Dhana (Coriander)
1/2 tbsp Jeera (cumin seeds)
4 pieces of laving (cloves)
1 big stick of cinnamon
2 elaichis
1 dry kashmiri mirchi (Red colour)

1. Grind all of this in a mixer and add it to the dhan Shaak prepared above in Step 1 and heat it for 10 mins.
2. Add Salt as per taste.
3. Make sure that the mixture is thick.

Your Dhaan Shaak is now ready!

For Brown Rice
3 cups of rice
2 onion (cut in strips )
1 tbsp jeera
pinch of sugar

1. Soak the rice in water for 5-6 hours.
2. Put 1 tbsp of oil or ghee in a Kadhai.
3. Add the rice to the kadhai and saute the rice till they become hard and crunchy.
4. Remove it in a dish.
5. Now put 2 tbsp oil in a kadhai and add onion to it. Saute it till the Onion become brown.
6. Now add jeera and Sugar to make even more brown.
7. Now put the rice in the kadhai and add water and salt in it.
8. Till every grain of rice is seperated, heat the mixture.
    Your brown Rice is ready.

Now enjoy your brown Rice with the dhan Shak that you have Prepared.

Rava Idli

Its no Ordinary Idli, Its Rava Idli!

12-15 Idlis.

250 gms Rava (Suji)
1 tbsp Chana Dal
1 tbsp Mustard seeds
1 string of Kadi Patta (limbda)
10 pieces of cashewnut
Handful of Coriander (kothmir)
1 katori (small vessel) of dahi
1 sachet of Eno.

Take 1 tbsp of oil in a Kadhai and put it on gas. After the oil starts to sizzle add Chana Dal, Mustard seed and Kadi Patta and Cashewut in it. And keep saute-ing the mixture. See that the Chana Dal becomes a little red and the sound of Mustard bursting comes. After that has happened add Rava to the mixture. Mix it for a while and then turn off the gas.
After the Rava cools down add Dahi and Coriander. Make sure that the mixture is loose and a little bit liquidy. If it is too solid, you can add water to it.

Let it soak for at least 30 mins now. Now take the vessel in which idli is prepared and put some oil over it so that it is easier for you to remove the idli later.
Add Eno to the mixture and then put the mixture in the shape of idlis on the idli vessel.
After 10 mins remove the idli vessel from the gas and your idli is prepared!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


These ingredients are for 6 pizzas each measuring 10 inches.

For Gravy
750 gms Tomato
1 big onion
6-7 cloves of garlic
2 tbsp of Ajmoda (celery seeds)
3 tbsp of red chilly powder
pinch of sugar.

For toppings (Subject to your liking)
1 green capsicum, 1 red capsicum, 1 yellow capsicum
2 Onions
Mozarella chess or 6 Chess cubes of amul.
150 gms of paneer
3-4 pieces of Mushroom.
100 gms of American sweet corn (boiled)
Jalapeno and Olives as per requirement.

6 Pizza bases (that you can buy from any shop)

  • Put the Tomato, Onion and Garlic in the cooker in a vessel with little water.
  • Remove the vessel after 4-5 whistles.
  • After it cools down, remove the water and grind it in a mixer.
  • Using a big Chaarni (that you use while preparing tea), put the pulp through and throw away the waste that remains in the Chaarni.
  • Put this gravy on the gas and put ajmoda, chilly powder, salt and sugar in it.
  • Let the gravy become a little thick and then remove it from the gas and your gravy is ready.

Cut the capsicum, onion in thin small strips.
Mushroom and Paneer should be cut in small pieces.
Cheese should be grated.

Now Take a pizza base and apply the Gravy prepared above to cover the full pizza base.
Add the toppings as per your liking and then cover it up with cheese as per your dietary preferences!

Your pizza now requires to be either put in an electric oven or you can cook it on the Tava.
Make sure that the base becomes crisp but should not become black.
If you know how to cook the pizza in a microwave that you can do that too.

You can add oregano and chilly flakes over it and have with Chilly sauce!!

Pav Bhaji

Serves: 4


250 gms Potato
Handful of Green Peas (vatana)
1 Carrot
4-5 French Beans (Fansi)
2 Onion
6-7 cloves of Garlic
250 gms Tomato
1 Green Capsicum
3-4 tbsp of Everest Pav Bhaji Masala.

Peel the Potato.
Cut the carrot and french beans into small pieces.
Now Take the potato,carrot, french beans and Green peas in a vessel.Add water in it and put them in pressure cooker. Let them get cooked.
After 4-5 whistles remove them.
Remove the water and store it in a seperate vessel.
Crush the mixture user a crusher or with your hands. It should be crushed very well.

Peel the onion and the garlic.
Now take onion, garlic and tomato and put it in mixer and make gravy for the Bhaji.

Cut the Capsicum into very small pieces.
Take 2 tbsp of oil or ghee or Butter into a Big Kadhai(vessel).
Heat it and as it starts simmering, add capsicum into it.
Slow the gas down and Saute it for 2-3 mins.
Now add the Gravy of Onion Garlic Tomato prepared in Step 2 in it.
Saute it for 3-4 mins.
Add 3-4 tbsp of Everest Pav Bhaji Masala. This can vary as pr your requirements.
Now Add the crushed mixture of potato, carrot, french beans and green peas prepared in Step 1 into the Kadhai.
The water that you have stored in a seperate vessel now must be added in the Kadhai. You can add extra water or less water depending on how thick you want the Bhaji to be.

Finally for Garnishing use Cut Coriander (kothmir), small pieces of Tomato and Onion!

Now serve it with Pav.
(the pav must be roasted on the tawa using butter or ghee)

Congratulations! You have now prepared the most famous fast food of Mumbai and that too with all the healthy ingredients!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pani Puri

Serves: 4

For mithi(sweet) Chutney:
400 gm Dates (Khajoor)
50 gm Tamarind (imli)
100 gm Jaggery (gud)
2 tbsp Red Chilly Powder.

Put the dates(after removing the seeds), tamarind(remove the seeds) and Jaggery in a vessel and mix them with water.
Then put them in pressure cooker.
Blow 3-4 whistles.
Remove the mixture.
Add water if you want to make it thin.
After it cools down, add salt and chilly powder and churn it in a mixer.
Your Mithi Chutney is ready.
Refrigerate it.

For tikha pani (green colour)
1 medium size bunch of pudina.
Handful Coriander (kotmir)
3 Green Chillies.
Small piece of Ginger
1 tbsp Jeera
6 pieces of whole black pepper(kali mari)
2 tbsp Sanchal Powder
Juice of 2 Lemons.
Pinch of Sugar

Put all the ingredients mentioned above in a mixer and churn them till they become fine.
Remove the pulp and 1 ltr of water.
Mix it well and keep in the refrigerator.
Preferably prepare this a few hours before your meal so that the ingredients will mix with each other and give a good flavour.

Other Ingredients.
200 gms moong
200 gms green chana
4-5 boiled potato

Soak Moong and Chana in water for 7-8 hrs and then  put salt as per taste and boil the Moong and Chana.
Cut the boiled potatoes in small pieces.

Last but not the least, Dont forget to buy the Puris!! How many Puris?!! Well it depends purely on how much you can eat!!

Enjoy your Pani Puri!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Corn Bhel


Ø  250 gms (2 pkts) Sweet American yellow corn.
Ø  1 big pomegranate
Ø  ½ cup grated coconut
Ø  ½ cup coriander
Ø  chilly and ginger paste, salt and sugar
Ø  sev for decoration


Ø  First boil the corn
Ø  Add pomegranate, coconut, coriander, chilly and ginger paste, 2 tbsp sugar and salt as per taste to the corn.
Ø  Mix it properly
Ø  Garnish it with sev.

Congratulations, Your Corn Bhel is now ready!

Vegetable Rava Uttapam

This Uttapam is very healthy and nutritious as it contains a lot of vegetables.

Serves: 4 people.


250 gm Rava
100 gm Dhokla Atta.
1/2 cup Curd.
1/2 Capsicum.
1 Tomato.
1 Carrot.
7-8 French Beans (fansi).
1 Onion.
Small Piece of Cabbage.
Salt,Ginger and Chilly paste


Mix the Rava with the Dhokla Atta and Curd.
Add Water in appropriate measure to level out the mixture.
After 30 mins, cut all the vegetables into very small pieces and add it to the mixture.
Add salt and Ginger and Chilly paste as per your requirements. If the mixture has become very thick then thin it down by adding water.
On a tava put some oil or ghee or butter and use this mixture to make the uttapam of your size and shape!
Have it with sambhar and chutney!

Enjoy your Uttapam!