About me

My name is Jayshree Shah. I am a home manager and love cooking food for my family.
Family, relatives and friends who have eaten my food, always loved it immensely. They would often tell me to think seriously about opening a small restaurant. Of course, I am no entrepreneur and do not have the resources for starting a food joint. But I very much wanted to share my knowledge and experience of all these years of cooking with the world audience.

Hence, I told my son to start a blog where I could share my recipes with all those who are interested to cook simple yet tasty food. The name Maa Ke Haath ka Khana (Food made by mother's hand) was immediately decided and the blog was started.

Here you will find the most complex of sumptuous dishes explained in simple steps. I can assure you that you can cook the recipes even if it is your first day in the kitchen because I have explained it in very simple language.
So what are you waiting for, just open a recipe, get the ingredients and start cooking like a master chef!
- Jayshree Shah

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