Monday, May 6, 2013

Imli Chutney

400 gm Dates (Khajoor)
50 gm Tamarind (imli)
100 gm Jaggery (gud)
2 tbsp Red Chilly Powder.

Put the dates(after removing the seeds), tamarind(remove the seeds) and Jaggery in a vessel and mix them with water.
Then put them in pressure cooker.
Blow 3-4 whistles.
Remove the mixture.
Add water if you want to make it thin.
After it cools down, add salt and chilly powder and churn it in a mixer.
Your Mithi Chutney is ready.
Refrigerate it.


Serves  4 People. 
1/2 kg potato, around 6 medium size potato.
Kachi dabeli masala (from any store near you)
Handful of Masala Singh (Groundnut)
2 medium size onion finely chopped.
handful of Coriander
handful of pomogrenate seeds
10-15 grapes (green or black)
Imli Chutney (you can find the recipe here:

Take 5 tbsp of kachi dabeli masala (if you want more spicy you can take more tbsp) and add enough water so that the masala becomes a paste. If possible 1 hour before you start making other preparations for Dabeli.
Boil potato in pressure cooker. After it gets boiled, remove it from the cooker and peel its skin off.
Then mash the potatoes.
In a Kadhai (vessel) add 1 tbsp oil and heat it on gas. Add the mashed potatoes to it.
Then add the dabeli masala paste to it.
Add the finely chopped onions to it.
Now add the masala Groundnuts.
Let the mixture heat on the gas for 5 minutes.
After that let it cool. And then add Pomogrenate, grapes and coriander.
The Dabeli Mixture is now ready.
Take the Dabeli bread, Slice it from the middle and apply Ghee to it and Roast it on the gas for a minute or two.
Then apply Imli chutney and then put the Dabeli mixture as prepared above in such a way that it fills the bread.
Then roast it for 15-20 secs on both sides on the gas!
Your Dabeli is Ready!!